2017 Technical Training

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Slakey Brothers offers a wide variety of training for both NATE and brand specific programs. Our classes run throughout the year at a branch location near you and give the best and most up to date information available.

HVAC Partners My Learning Center. A one-stop shop for residential HVAC training. Offering a variety of FAD eligible online courses for you to complete from any computer – at home or in the office. Allowing 24/7 access to classes on new product, programs, sales, customer service, marketing & business development anytime, anywhere.

Bryant Ductless


• Introduction of Bryant Ductless
• Application of R-410a refrigerant
• Installation requirements & procedures
• Operating characteristics
• Fault codes
• Servicing & Diagnostic procedures
• Refrigerant piping lengths & charging
• Installation wiring (Single & Multi)


Course Length: 4 hours, 1pm-5pm.
Course Cost: $25.00
Branch Date Materials Needed For Course
Reno September - 6 Notepad, Pen, Calculator
Chico September - 20 Notepad, Pen, Calculator
Fairfield September - 27 Notepad, Pen, Calculator
Stockton/Jackson October - 5 Notepad, Pen, Calculator
Modesto/Sonora October - 11 Notepad, Pen, Calculator
Santa Rosa October - 18 Notepad, Pen, Calculator
San Jose October - 24 Notepad, Pen, Calculator
Concord November - 1 Notepad, Pen, Calculator
Fresno November - 8 Notepad, Pen, Calculator

Daikin Ductless

• Review installation & start up basics
• How to use of D-Checker
• Understanding error codes
• Servicing residential equipment
• How to maintain residential equipment
• Best practices for service & troubleshooting
• Hands-on activities

*Each Attendee Needs To Bring a Laptop Computer


Course Length: 4 hours, 1pm-5pm.
Course Cost: $50.00
Branch Date Materials Needed For Course
Bakersfield October - 12 Notepad, Pen, Calculator, Laptop Computer
Medford September - 26 Notepad, Pen, Calculator, Laptop Computer