2018 Technical Training

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Slakey Brothers offers a wide variety of training for both NATE and brand specific programs. Our classes run throughout the year at a branch location near you and give the best and most up to date information available.

HVAC Partners My Learning Center. A one-stop shop for residential HVAC training. Offering a variety of FAD eligible online courses for you to complete from any computer – at home or in the office. Allowing 24/7 access to classes on new product, programs, sales, customer service, marketing & business development anytime, anywhere.

Bryant CÔR


This course presents an overview of the home automation system, the installation process for the system, best practices for set-up, and overall benefits for the dealer and homeowner.

1. Installation Process

Enable CÔR Panel Wi-Fi discovery

Add sensors / Z-Wave devices

Connect CÔR Panel to Internet

Mount sensors/Z-Wave® devices

Place CÔR Panel

2. After Installation

Test system

Homeowner education

Support Information

Course Length: 8 hours, 8am-5pm.
Course Cost: $75.00
Branch Date Materials Needed For Course
Elk Grove March 1st Notepad, Pen, Tablet/PC
San Jose March 8th Notepad, Pen, Tablet/PC
Modesto April 5th Notepad, Pen, Tablet/PC

Inverter Controlled Units


Introducing the (C,H,T)VA9 and (C,H,T)VH8 HPs and A/Cs. Featuring variable-speed rotary compressors driven by an inverter control.
They can use either the observer wall control for full 5 stage functionality, or a standard, 2 stage or single stage thermostat, for limited functionality. The ability to modulate the compressor speed based on system cooling or heating load allows the system to achieve high cooling efficiencies SEERs 18 on the heat pump and 19 on the air conditioner. On the heat pump achieve HSPF ( heating seasonal performance ratio) of up to 11.
These products are designed for both residential and light commercial applications.


Course Length: 4 hours, 1pm-5pm.
Course Cost: $25.00
Branch Date Materials Needed For Course
Bakersfiled March 15th Notepad, Pen, Calculator

Evolution Connex-B


We will cover minor installation practices for the Evolution CONNEX control with the Evolution Furnaces and the different settings that help to configure the control to meet a home owners needs. The course will also include basic installation, start up, and service practices for Bryant indoor units.


Course Length: 4 hours, 1pm-5pm.
Course Cost: $25.00
Branch Date Materials Needed For Course
Elk Grove May 3rd Notepad, Pen, Calculator
Modesto May 10th Notepad, Pen, Calculator
San Jose May 17th Notepad, Pen, Calculator